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Residential Solar Services

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Home Solar (Photovoltaic)

Harness solar energy to cut your electric bill with our help!

Solar Panels consist of photovoltaic (PV) cells that create DC power from the sun’s rays. The newly created power then travels to an inverter, that converts the DC energy into AC power that is commonly used in home and commercial applications. The AC Power travels to the home electrical panel to be used by household appliances, lights etc. Excess solar power is sold back to the electric company through a “net-metering” agreement. Solar generated electricity usage is measured by your homes utility meter, and when your new solar power system produces more power than you use, the local utility company issues credits towards your next electric bill putting cash into your pocket by saving money every day with a solar system. And your home remains connected to the electrical power grid to provide you more power for those cloudy days or dark nights. On sunny days, you sell your surplus back to the power company – imagine that – you get paid for sunshine! Now that’s bound to put a smile on your face and extra greenbacks in your wallet! Why not make money when the sun shines?
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Solar Power can increase your electricity output and energy efficiency!

When you have solar PV system installed, you are generating free electricity whenever the sun is shinning. During periods of low electricity demand, you may actually generate more electricity than your home is consuming. When this happens, net metering regulations stipulate that your electric utility must purchase your surplus electricity. Depending on the size of a solar PV system an household power consumption habits, you can expect to reduce your electric bill by 40%-80%.
It’s important to consider solar energy as one element in a larger overall home energy saving plan that includes high levels of insulation, improved air-tightness, energy-efficient water heating and top-performing heating and cooling (solar energy). Keep in mind that solar energy can also be used in a solar thermal system that saves money by producing solar-heated water.


Take Advantage of the 30% Tax Credit!

Florida Solar Panel can create a residential solar panel power system designed for your electric power consumption in your home or business. We believe in providing our residential customers a solid and time-tested pathway to energy independence. Every day we set people free from renting their power from the various monopolistic power/utility companies.

The first step we take is to provide you with a free solar energy audit to ensure that solar is a good solution for your home. This is also the point where we can show you just how much you will be saving based on the size of the solar power system we suggest from the energy audit results. Let Florida Solar Panel provide you with an intelligent way forward with other energy-saving options like solar hot water, solar pool heating, solar pool pumps, and energy-efficient solar panel-based products for your home.


Exposure is important.

Photovoltaic panels can be mounted on a south-facing roof or on ground supports. In either case, there should be maximum exposure to direct sunlight.

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